Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Sometimes I feel hollow,
Empty of what makes me real.
Given instructions I have to follow,
None to set me free.
A ghost of what was once life,
I feel nothing.
I wonder if anyone notices at all.

If a tear falls and no one sees it,
Did it really happen?
If a woman screams out loud, but no one hears,
Does it really matter.
Alone, hidden in the dark,
Does it matter at all?

Have you done the right thing?
Or have you done what's easy?
Did you act because it felt right?
Or did you just do what you wanted to?
Was the voice whispering in your head your own?
Or was it an echo of another?
Were you free to make your own choice,
Or were you forced to choose?
Have you ever cried at night,
knowing that your choices were not right?
Did you scream out loud.
knowing that you were the one to blame?
Right or wrong,
A choice was made.
Now you have to live with it

Do you see what I see?
Black cloaked in colours of every hue
The darkness within breathes
It shudders from the cold
Yet I feel nothing at all

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