Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pre-BLOG 100 post

I'm coming up to BLOG 100. It's a milestone for any blogger, even a semi-regular one like myself.
Over the years since I started this blog, a lot has changed. And a lot hasn't. One of the major changes is that I've taken charge of my life and I can now say with pride that I am a published author of three titles.
This blog has allowed me to have a space to share my words of wisdom, wit, anger, love, and weirdness with the world. I've tackled topics like obesity, censorship, unemployment, the creative process, halloween, football fixation and, of course, burning tiaras.
(It still makes me laugh that that particular post is listed among the highest read. It was a random post that should have slipped under the radar.)
I'm wondering what I'll write about for BLOG 100. This is number 98, so I have another to go yet.
Better think on it some more.

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