Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Great 'what if' moment

I could be in business in less than a week.
How freaking scary is that?
I mean, seriously. I am completely panicking about whether or not I’ve got myself into more than I can handle...
What if it doesn’t work?
What if no one wants to by what I’m selling?
What if I end up back where I started from?
Yeah, reality’s starting to hit me. I’ve began stress eating, stress sleeping, stress everything really. That cannot be good for me.
I think I’m just panicking too much, but then I’ve still got so much work to get done, just on the paperwork side.
I need to get my insurance paid for, which means going to my job network and asking them for money. I think I’m going to make an appointment for Friday so that I can spend Thursday loading up my usb with stuff I need to print seeing as it might be the last time that I can use their printer. Let’s be realistic about this, that’s all I truly use them for, because they’re definitely as useless at getting me work in the fields I have skills in. Oh wait, that’s right, they don’t count my skills as anything anyway, just because of how they were gained.
Okay, step back, breathe.
Will soon be free of them and their judgement and their “You must think like everyone else to be successful in this world”. Remember how good that will feel.
And it will feel so good to be free of them.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Burning tiaras and other weird things of late

So, yeah, I tried to burn my tiara. Actually that’s not accurate. It’s not a tiara. It’s more like a crown that’s made out of plastic. And I wasn’t trying to burn it, I was trying to melt the ends together so it wouldn’t break open in the middle of the party and go flying off and hit somebody. It didn’t work, whatever I was trying to do. I don’t know if it was the wind blowing around me as I sat on the footpath outside (I’m not that stupid that I’d try to melt plastic inside) or if the plastic might be flame retardant but it didn’t work. So now it’s being held together by a plastic clip. If anyone asks, it’s decoration.
I know enough people with kids that I can offer it to someone as a contribution to their dress up box so it isn’t sitting around my place.
Not that I have anything against weird headwear. I have a witch’s hat which I love. I don’t know where it is (I just realised this as I’m typing this blog).
My car by the way still looks like a bug graveyard, but at least I can see out of the window without looking through bug goop.
Here’s a quick run down on what I’ve got going on at the moment...
 Saving money to publish Ferris Wheel
 Realising that my phone number was google-able. Yeah I quickly fixed that.
 Creating a twitter account...
 Thinking about putting together another Ferris Wheel related video
 Plotting a new story and then beginning to draft it. I should be doing that now but I’m doing this instead. There are definitely some plot issues to work out there.
 Also putting together the ideas for my whole non fiction piece. Which could be why I’m not drafting creative pieces as much as I should be
 General house stuff, but if you want to hear me whine about that go over to facebook because that’s where I usually do that stuff.

Yep, I’m a busy little weirdo.
Oh and my knee is still killing me