Friday, March 11, 2011

Poetry from the last couple of weeks

Close youe eyes,
Tell me what you see.
Can you feel my tears fall?
Can you hear my pained call?
If you could see what I see,
Would you still think that I'm fine?

My pain is pushed so deep
I only feel it when I sleep
There is nowhere I can turn
No one wants to feel the burn.
No one wants to hear my pain,
They are all to busy with their own.
I am truly alone.

~ ~ ~

Cry for the fallen
Cry for the moments stolen
Recall, if you can,
How it felt when you heard the news.
Did your heart shatter,
Did anything else matter?
Do you remember the feel of the tears as they fell?

Weep for the loss,
Scream for the memories stolen
Remember who they were.
One day it won't hurt anymore

~ ~ ~

Open your eyes,
Open your mind
Experience it all
Everything that the world has to offer.
Acknowledge the pain,
Feel it rip through you,
Survive because there is no other way.
Laugh when you feel it bubble forth
Find joy in everything that you do
be alive
Because that's all you can really do