Tuesday, January 25, 2011

in the cards

I've always liked tarot cards, even before I owned a deck. I was obsessed with knowing all that I could about them.
I brought my first deck when I was on my break year (the year I took off between uni and high school). It wasn't a traditional deck by any means. I don't know where the cards are anymore. I had to stop using them after I got a little too obsessed with knowing what was going to happen. I started to treat them like radio horoscopes. In the end I put them aside and tried to like my life without the guidance they gave me.
For a while, it worked. But after my grandfather passed away in my first year of uni, I found myself looking for something.
I found the cards as part of a fortune telling kit.
I've read for myself and for others. I've seen breakups, money and much more. I have an 80% success rate when i read for other people, whether they realise it at the time.
I also use the cards in my writing. I'll use them if I don't know where the characters are supposed to be heading or where the story would go.
What happens next? It's in the cards