Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's possible that I'm not meant for internet social networking

It's possible that I'm not meant to be a social creature, even on the internet...
Why is it that people think that if you add them on facebook that you are automatically bestest of buds with them? I know its the whole social networking thing, trying to get new friends and contacts, but seriously...
I don't like the chat function on facebook. More to the point, the chat function on facebook does not seem to like me. It either takes me a few hits of the keyboard to get my reply up, it also does this thing where it just shuts down as well or there are those people that call complete strangers "hun" or "honey" because they think that you're friends with them on facebook, that it gives them the right to give you an insulting petname that they think is endearing but is really demeaning. Not every female wants to be called hun or honey by complete strangers. In fact, I find it creepy on a large scale... I don't know whether they think that cos I'm a fat chick that I need the whole reassurance thing that someone thinks I'm special. I ALREADY KNOW THAT. I do not need some random person using pet names to tell me that. I am a kick ass writer and wannabe derby ref in equal measure. I am also a good friend, aunt, daughter, sister.
Still waiting to see my article in The Courier... Hmmm. Hope that they don't print it in the Loop, because that would be weird as I'm no longer "youth" anymore in terms of age. Back to the waiting game.
Idea of the day....
A girl after visiting her local cemetery becomes sick. Thinks that it's the flu. It's not. It's a ghost that attached itself to her....
What I'm reading...
I finished re-reading 6th target by James Patterson and Club Dead by Charlaine Harris last night. Was reading them concurrently.
What I'm listening to...
At the moment, Glee songs are playing on my ipod

Friday, July 23, 2010

research and more research

So, I'm sitting in my job network listening to glee songs piped through my ipod and all I can think is what else could I be researching? Or even talking abou on this blog
I've already looked into mysticism and some other psych stuff that was connected to it becuase I'm trying to find new inspiration for post-ferris wheel writing, cos let's face it, at the moment I really do have NOTHING to follow it with. Not that the exorcist story doesn't have potential, it does, sort of. Though I do think it's a little too Buffy/ Hollows and its almost like I'm trying to write in someone else's style... They say that imitation is a great way to show your respect, but I'm still not all that sure. I"d rather be known for having my own voice than making a crappy copy of someone else's good work.
On the other side of things, it's derby time again, going to watch the Ballarat girls take on Geelong. I won't be cheering. Damn NSO role. Alright, I'll write it here... Go Rat Pack. There I got it out oy system. I can be impartial on Sunday now.
I need inspiration
And a job seeing as I tanked the last interview. It was totally crap. I had to be all polite while they rejected me on the phone. Meanwhile, it completely messed everything up for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catching up

It's been a little quiet on the writing front. I blame roller derby myself. A bout on Saturday and training on Sunday. Okay, to be absolutely fair, I rarely do write on Sunday as it is usually my rest day but still.
So, it might take me a little longer to get Ferris Wheel on the go as a self-published novel, but that has more to do with the whole having no money to pay someone to design the cover as well as buying the 5 copies before it goes on sale and the buying the whole isbn thing (yes, I do want a barcode). That's okay. Just means I'll have to do really well at this interview tomorrow and impress them. Why is it that I can sell myself on paper but then it turns out that I suck at selling myself in person? Hmmm. See, now that just makes me think of prostitution.
Okay, so on the non fiction writing front, my article was rejected from the Courier due to length, so dilligent little me ended up spending last week re-editing trying to cut it down before realising that it was easier just to re-write the whole thing, keeping in key paragraphs from the previous article. Wow, i really do write like I talk. Made me appreciate those people that can write really brief articles and short stories. guess I'm just a little longwinded

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So, I'm being a good little writer person... I just sent of two totally different pieces to two different places. Cross those fingers people if you can.
The first was a short non-fiction article written about my experiences being unemployed. It was sent to the local paper. Let's see how long it is before they reject me as a freelance writer, seeing as they really do not want me on as staff. I've applied for more jobs with them than I have fingers or toes to count them on.
The other was a short story that I sent to Aurealis. While they don't usually print anything of mine, they do give feedback on every piece that they have rejected. The story, Divine Deception, is about trying to get out of a deal with Hecate.
The total book geek in me is apprehensively awaiting the next year's release of Twilight's Dawn by Anne Bishop. I have loved all of her books so far, and I knew that she'd take one of the characters where she's taking them. But, I think it is going to end up making me cry.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So, it turns out that if you don't do any extra excercise after three days, it takes you a little more to get back into it all. But on the upside, I have been catching up on the new season 4 supernatural dvds that i took of layby on the weekend (they were on the same layby as my new quilt, which I love).
But the downside is that I'm not pushing myself as much as I usually would. It's a bit more of a struggle than usual to get to 50 situps and pushups that I aim for, and the lightheaded sensations when it's all done are back again. It's weird. Also, it hurts a lot more afterwards. My poor stomach muscles. They have never done this much work. Of course, when I first started derby over a year ago, I couldn't even do one proper situp (and we won't even go into how bad my pushups were back then). Now, I can do 50 without whining too much. Go derby.

It's the same with writing too. I mean, if I don't write for a few days, it takes me a bit to get back into new and old projects with the same amount of gutso that I usually have. That's probably where this blog is a good thing. It makes me write. Mostly about nothing important, just random rambling for the sake of it.

Also, big thanks and all to my most generous friends who anonymously left a whole heap of groceries on my doorstep the other night. Thank you.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

There seems to be a thought process out there that the unemployed are making a conscious choice to remain so... But really, who would choose... To freeze in winter because you know that the power bill at the end of it will be more than you can afford To have no social life because you can't go afford to go anywhere To live on crap brand foods and 2 minute noodles becasue the whole "feed a family of 4 for $10" is a crock of shit To feel more depressed and anxious by the day as bills and rejection letters come in the mail. Wearing clothes until they fall apart or are too thin and worn through to be worn in public To spend every day applying for jobs, knowing that they will most likely be rejected To become more and more paranoid that new changes to the system mean that there is more chance that money will be taken from you To be forced into government sanctioned slave labour appropriately mislabled as "work experience" or "work for the dole" The idea that we all choose to remain unemployed is a lie, but it is one that the Australian government is confident with charging us with so that they can continue to label us with the generalisations and stereotypes. Then there's the idea buzzing around like a pathetic little bee that is sure to sting a lot of people... If people under 30 claim unemployment they will be pushed into taking jobs where there are skills shortages... Okay, so it's a job, but how will businesses feel, being forced into taking on employees who do not have the pre-requisite skills to do the job, nor do they have the passion or drive to do so... Yeah, that's going to end so well, because violating the right of people's right to choose where their lives go is so cool and in at the moment apparently. Who would choose to live like this?