Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catching up

It's been a little quiet on the writing front. I blame roller derby myself. A bout on Saturday and training on Sunday. Okay, to be absolutely fair, I rarely do write on Sunday as it is usually my rest day but still.
So, it might take me a little longer to get Ferris Wheel on the go as a self-published novel, but that has more to do with the whole having no money to pay someone to design the cover as well as buying the 5 copies before it goes on sale and the buying the whole isbn thing (yes, I do want a barcode). That's okay. Just means I'll have to do really well at this interview tomorrow and impress them. Why is it that I can sell myself on paper but then it turns out that I suck at selling myself in person? Hmmm. See, now that just makes me think of prostitution.
Okay, so on the non fiction writing front, my article was rejected from the Courier due to length, so dilligent little me ended up spending last week re-editing trying to cut it down before realising that it was easier just to re-write the whole thing, keeping in key paragraphs from the previous article. Wow, i really do write like I talk. Made me appreciate those people that can write really brief articles and short stories. guess I'm just a little longwinded

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