Friday, August 27, 2010

New revelations and new plans to keep me writing

I hate waiting...
I know I can be impatient, but when I was told that THE COURIER would publish my article, I expected it to actually do it. The part that's kind of annoying me is that it was actually relevant to everything going on about the election, yet they didn't print it... Maybe they will sometime, but I'm starting to have my doubts about the local media.

Characters have been speaking to me, putting their words into my head, pressuring me to tell their stories. It's interesting, but in order to do it, I need to work out if the voice they are speaking in is too much like other writers I admire or not before investing too much time in a novel. That doesn't mean that I'll not write their stories, but I just have to work out a good way to tell them...
Which kind of leads me to a revelation I had last night... create a new blog written from the perspective of one of my new characters and publicise the hell out of it on facebook until people read it... So, i have a choice of characters... An exorcist named Candy who was orphaned as a teen after a demon possessed and killed both of her parents. Or Death, well, actually her name's M'Alice and she hates the scythe and robe stereotypes. She's been around for a few hundred years so she's got a lot of opinions and ideas about everything.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't ask me for sympathy cos you're fat, you won't get it

Another week, another opinion...
Don't come complaining to me if you're fat. I don't want to hear about how you eat badly and don't do enough exercise and therefore don't fit into all the cute little outfits that your friends wear because I'm just not going to be interested...
Where did this complete lack of sympathy come from, you might wonder? I mean, hell, I am a fatty too. But, the flipside is that I acknowledge, but do not complain about it or beg for sympathy anymore. It takes up too much energy and I just do not have time for all that crap.
If you want sympathy, try not to be the source of your own problems. you can blame childbirth if you want, but after a few years, is that really a reasonable excuse? You can blame the fast food companies for making good food, but you're the one's handing over money in exchange for greasy goodness posing as food. Don't complain to me that you're suddenly feeling fat after you eat that. Get up and get your body moving. Get rid of that burger or at least a percentage of it.
Obesity is an epidemic, it's true, but it's one that's connected to self-harm if people are eating rather than dealing with their emotions (I know something about this cos this is how I got my excess kilos).
Okay, so I'll sign off with this fianl thought... How is eating bad foods en masse, which will damage the body for the longer term and not exercising any of it off, any different from damagind the external shell of skin by cutting, burning or any other method that the mentally delicate choose?