Friday, September 30, 2011

Reading this now

I just read this and had to share it with the world, being the big Joss Whedon & Firefly geek that I can be.

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Project

This is the way it should be. I have an idea and I ust write. This is several weeks of writing by hand and then transferring the translated longwinded ramblings into a cohesive storyline. It's 26 pages of story with one dimensional characters and no real view on settings and all that but it't the way a story starts for me.
It's skeleton mode. Start with picking up all the bones (that's the handwritten part) and then assemble them (the 1st computer draft). Then, each draftr that follows it will add layers like muscle, internal organs, liquids, brain activity, nerves and skin.
I haven't touched it all weekend so this week I can look at it with the critical eye I'll need to make hard decisions about plot, characters and if I want to keep on going with it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You know the music from Jaws...

Every time I have a home inspection by my real estate agent I have the music from “Jaws” playing in my head in the hours leading up to it. Da-dum-da-dum, well you know how it goes.
I mean, it’s not like I ensure that the place is a mess. It’s actually tidy. (If they inspected my car I probably wouldn’t pass a tidiness test), the floors are swept, all used tissues are binned, all bins are emptied and the place smells vaguely like the eucalyptus oil that’s sitting open on the bench. Usually I’d have incense burning if it weren’t an inspection day, but all my incense gear is put away in a drawer and the ashbowl is full of soapy water, waiting to be washed. I just checked the smoke alarm and it is working fine. I will probably have to demo it for them, but I can climb back onto the couch arms and do that.
No, I think it’s always a bit of apprehension because THEY haven’t done what they’re supposed to do. I’m giving them notice today of when I’ll be away for the next book launch and then it will be up to them to organise everything. I have been told that I’m not going to be able to live there while it is being fixed so it’s good timing on my part. I’ll even leave out coffee and tea and milk for the tradies to help themselves to while they’re working.
If they don’t do that, I am going to have to put in a complaint to the rental tribunal or whatever it is. It has been over a year. I have done everything that I have been asked to do and they’re still holding back on their end of things. I get it, floor coverings can be expensive to pay and get put down, but the other side of that is that because of their neglect or forgetfulness, I have been exposed to mould and moss which may have affected my health (let’s be realistic, I always get a cold around this time of year and it could just be an extention of that as opposed to some evil mould monster crawling through my lungs).
I also know that they’re going to up my rent around December, yeah, right around Christmas, just fricken brilliant. It will be extra incentive to get it done on their part.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dealings with Creatures from the OtherWorld and whatnot

Busy busy busy
I’ve got about three things on the go at the moment along with another potential three projects coming my way in the next few days and it’s all to do with books and writing...
The faery changeling book is going well. I am ¾ through the first pen draft and I feel like it’s coming together quite well. I like where it’s going, plus I had the revelation the other day that the guy’s a witch, which I think adds an extra element to the war scenario that I have going on.
I’ve also picked up Dark Destinies again over the last week or so, and have been editing a printed copy (my job network’s printer probably hasn’t worked that hard for some time). I’m up to the assessment stage, working out whether it can work as a novella, if I would have to add extras and all that stuff.
I’ve had to reassess my previous “Do-not-reuse-old-stories” mentality lately. Some of this has come from watching Clerks 2 recently and hearing Kevin Smith talking about returning to the well. It’s possible to go to the same well and getting something fresh from it, even if it’s a fresh perspective.
I am also doing a trial review on a book (I don’t know which one first) for Australian Women Online and I have also put my hand up to do an article. The second one will depend on if anyone else responded before me.
What else?
Who knows anymore

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ferris Wheel - Launch Review

Friday night was the big night… I think that there were about 20 people there and I sold 10 books, bringing the total now to 13 sales. I also did a little speech and a reading from the book.
Big thanks to Australian Active Aim’s Business Centre for their help on the night (couldn’t have done it without you) and the girls at Red Brick Gallery and Emporium for letting me take over the space for an hour.
If you didn’t make it to the launch but would still like to buy a copy of the book, not to stress…
There are a limited number of (unsigned) books available at Red Brick Gallery in Ballarat or you can always purchase one online from either
Go to Kekewick/dp/146372070X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1312938080&sr=1-1