Thursday, July 8, 2010

There seems to be a thought process out there that the unemployed are making a conscious choice to remain so... But really, who would choose... To freeze in winter because you know that the power bill at the end of it will be more than you can afford To have no social life because you can't go afford to go anywhere To live on crap brand foods and 2 minute noodles becasue the whole "feed a family of 4 for $10" is a crock of shit To feel more depressed and anxious by the day as bills and rejection letters come in the mail. Wearing clothes until they fall apart or are too thin and worn through to be worn in public To spend every day applying for jobs, knowing that they will most likely be rejected To become more and more paranoid that new changes to the system mean that there is more chance that money will be taken from you To be forced into government sanctioned slave labour appropriately mislabled as "work experience" or "work for the dole" The idea that we all choose to remain unemployed is a lie, but it is one that the Australian government is confident with charging us with so that they can continue to label us with the generalisations and stereotypes. Then there's the idea buzzing around like a pathetic little bee that is sure to sting a lot of people... If people under 30 claim unemployment they will be pushed into taking jobs where there are skills shortages... Okay, so it's a job, but how will businesses feel, being forced into taking on employees who do not have the pre-requisite skills to do the job, nor do they have the passion or drive to do so... Yeah, that's going to end so well, because violating the right of people's right to choose where their lives go is so cool and in at the moment apparently. Who would choose to live like this?

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