Friday, July 23, 2010

research and more research

So, I'm sitting in my job network listening to glee songs piped through my ipod and all I can think is what else could I be researching? Or even talking abou on this blog
I've already looked into mysticism and some other psych stuff that was connected to it becuase I'm trying to find new inspiration for post-ferris wheel writing, cos let's face it, at the moment I really do have NOTHING to follow it with. Not that the exorcist story doesn't have potential, it does, sort of. Though I do think it's a little too Buffy/ Hollows and its almost like I'm trying to write in someone else's style... They say that imitation is a great way to show your respect, but I'm still not all that sure. I"d rather be known for having my own voice than making a crappy copy of someone else's good work.
On the other side of things, it's derby time again, going to watch the Ballarat girls take on Geelong. I won't be cheering. Damn NSO role. Alright, I'll write it here... Go Rat Pack. There I got it out oy system. I can be impartial on Sunday now.
I need inspiration
And a job seeing as I tanked the last interview. It was totally crap. I had to be all polite while they rejected me on the phone. Meanwhile, it completely messed everything up for the rest of the day.

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