Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Creative Dork Within

I’m kind of a creative dork. Like, for instance, today, I sit at my laptop with a beret on my head. The only reason I’m wearing it at all if because I was wearing it when I went out earlier and I couldn’t be bothered with the removing it. Plus, my head might get cold.
The creative Dork is a part of all of us, waiting to rise up in some ways. She’s the one who makes us buy pens in all different colours, stacks of paper that we will probably never use and is comfortable looking like a cliché.
Actually I think I look cute in a beret but I probably should consider not wearing it in the house.

I have spent the last five days of my creative writing time contemplating Ferris Wheel, making sure that the text all fits into the createspace template (and boy was that a fricken hassle), then redesigning the cover art and making it all PDF only to realise that there are still some errors that need to be removed. So I get to make it a PDF tomorrow.
My aim is to have it all sent off to createspace by Thursday. That means no more rewrites or anything after that.
I am a little nervous. When I first started this I had thought that I’d need to buy three copies of the book, just for myself. One that I would keep as pristine proof of what I can accomplish, one that I lend out to people who can’t be bothered to buy their own copy, and a third that I would write all over, making little additions and corrections to it over and over again.
So it’s going to be a lesson in letting go. Letting go of what I think I need to do and instead just doing it and not complaining about it all the time.

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