Thursday, July 7, 2011

A little bit of honesty

Mental Illness is a weird thing. As soon as you reveal that you have one, people look at you differently. They try to work out what makes you snap or they whisper about you behind your back, calling you crazy.
I have depression. Plus some social anxiety aroung crowds. I tend to disappear into myself, not saying much but just watching the people around me. I join in on the occasional dance or pool game, but deny the opportunity to sing in public solo. I don't pretend that I'm having a ball if I'm 'just there' and I don't try to fill the void with meaningless conversation.
I question my worth, I question why I should feel the way that I do when nobody else around me appears to.
I sleep little and as a result I am constantly tired, running on less energy than the people around me. I chug down energy drinks and cut price cola to renew the little energy that I have.
I rarely let people see me cry.

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