Friday, August 19, 2011

More like 14 days and counting

16 days and counting... What else do I need to do
The countdown to launch day looms above me. All I can think is that I hope that the books get here on time. I hope that I buy enough food (keeping in mind I’m not providing meal type food but rather snackish stuff that they can eat while having alcohol). I hope I buy enough non-alcoholic drinks (bet I run out of those before I do the wine).What if I don’t sell any books? What if people don’t like my speech? Damn I hate speaking in public. Will the local paper remember to show up (I will be calling them a few days before to confirm).
I may be overworrying, but it’s what I do.
Well, the books are in Australia and have cleared customs. Now the waiting really begins. It could be any day that they arrive (except weekends). I try to remain optimistic but it’s getting harder.
Too much weighs on the success of this event. I’ve already un-volunteered myself for derby duties the day before, knowing that I’ll be a bouncing ball of stress and anxieties (all the more so if the books don’t get here in time).
All I can do is work one day at a time...
16 days to go

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  1. 2 Casks of wine, 2 large Orange Juices + a bag of ice should do it Trish.