Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Daughter of the Blood - Black Jewels Trilogy book 1

The first in Anne Bishop’s debut series The Black Jewels Trilogy takes the reader into a world that has been corrupted over several thousands of years. In a place where what colour jewel (ranging from white to black) determines how much inner power you have, the dreams of three men will change the world forever...
Saetan, The High Lord of Hell, wishes for a daughter. Aged in the high thousands he’s a Guardian, awaiting the daughter of his soul to arrive.
Daemon, the son of the High Lord of Hell dreams of being Witch’s lover. Until then, he is forced to submit to being a Pleasure Slave for queens all over Teirelle.
Lucivar, Saetan’s youngest son, dreams of a queen that he can be proud to serve, and that he can call a friend.
One night, Tersa, a witch who can see the future, announces that she is coming. Witch, dreams made flesh, and she will call in all debts.
Jaenelle isn’t what anyone expects. She’s younger, and she already has more power in her reach than the High Lord of Hell has... And all that she wants is to help people, and to be loved for who she is. Born into a family that doesn’t understand who or what she is, she struggles, sent to Briarwood (the facade of which is a mental health institution), until the High Lord becomes her mentor, teaching her everything he knows.
Then, Daemon is sent to Jaenelle’s grandmother’s house to service the adult women and meets the girl who is Dreams Made Flesh and learns of the horrors hidden behind the aristo facade.
For “Briarwood is the pretty poison” and what happens there will shape the bloods’ destiny forever.

I first found these books several years ago, and every time I read them I am drawn back into the world. Moving, funny, I’d recommend them to anyone who likes dark fantasy.

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