Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Let's Talk: Immortality

Even with medical advances available to us, literal immortality is impossible. There are too many elements that would still need to be considered before immortality could be gained. Despite that, people still seek it out. They want to be remembered, to be noticed, to be recognised as making a contribution to the world.
There is a part in all of us that craves this, whether we acknowledge it or not. Some people crave their descendants to know who they were through their actions or their creations. Others just want them to know that they existed.
There are celebrities who died years before I was born. When I see a picture of them, I know who they are and what they were famous for. Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, John Lennon an d many others that have become iconic immortal images which people still recognise because of their films or music. One wonders whether the celebrities of our times that died young will become just as immortal?
So what is it about immortality that pulls at us, begs us to pay attention to it? Is it immortal life that people are really seeking out or rather immortal youth and do they know the difference between the two? Immortal youth, like immortality cannot be literally gained, despite what television advertisements or plastic surgeons tell us. Our bodies were designed to wear out as they got older. Wrinkles and grey hair are natural, a part of that process, yet we do our very best to hide them.
Maybe it’s not death that we fear but rather facing life when our bodies are not in their top condition.
Immortality, literal immortality isn’t something that should be sought after. There are social, emotional, physical and psychological reasons for this. Would you be able to live in the future without anyone that you know? How would you change as you took in the world around you? Would you be able to cope with the world?
I’m not sure what I believe. Perhaps in the future people will look at Facebook and think that it was the silliest thing around, but at the moment, people just use it to say “I’m here, I exist, I matter”. Perhaps in this way they think that if people will remember them then they will become immortal in their friends memories for years to come.

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