Wednesday, December 14, 2011

'T'is the season to forget our road rules

tra la la la la la la

So, I'm not the most Xmas-sy person. I tend to pull away from the tree and wreaths because I don't spend a lot of time at home during the season. I'm spending time with family.
During the two weeks leading up to Xmas, I get up early and go to the supermarket before the Xmas car park craziness begins. Of course, when I leave, I'm surrounded by it. There are the parking vultures who tend to follow you from the sidewalk to your car, park a reasonable distance away until you pull out so they can get your park or even worse, those that pull up as you unpack your groceries into the car and ask you if you'll be moving soon because they really want your car park because walking that extra couple of metres is just too hard.
In the afternoon it's worse. People forget that they have an indicator on their car next to their steering wheel and that it should be used when you're trying to change lanes. The other day I was almost sideswiped twice because people didn't know how to use those switches and just expected to be let through.
It's just one day of the year when it comes down to it.
One day, but we all tend to treat it like the world will end because on that one day not many supermarkets will be open... Independent ones can choose to or not I believe.

That being said though, I do wish all my readers a happy and safe holiday season. Enjoy yourselves, eat too much food, play backyard cricket if the sun is out, hug the family and be safe on the road out there. I'm not kidding when I write that there are some serious morons out there.

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