Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's faery vs witch vs stressed, broke (and broken) author

It's faery vs witch here at "the little creative space I call home" and it's still up in the air who will win.
Okay, so I don't really have faeries flying about the room. They're flying about in my head asking 'why aren't you paying attention to me?' and making a case for their story to be told.
I also don't have a witch in the corner, stirring a bubbling cauldron full of nasty either. I probably could have if I'd looked into halloween decorations, but that's beside the point.
What it comes down to is that I'm working on two different novel manuscripts. One is Dark Destinies (that's the witch story) and then the as yet untitled faery story. I'm trying to divide my time equally between each one until one emerges the winner.
Between that I'm struggling to keep my business running as people aren't paying their invoices when they were supposed to. I feel a need to start writing nasty "pay me" invoices coming on. How fricken hard is it to pay an $80/75 invoice people. You're all supposed to have these lucrative businesses that could afford to pay for the order I've given you, but no, you keep me waiting, and wondering about when I will see the damn money in the account.

Breathe, relax, take a step back.

It's faery vs witch vs anxious, broke author here and I don't know which one of us will win

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