Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Employment Services Code of Un-Practice

I was at my soon to be ex job network this morning, following their rules about only printing job seeking related documents (well mostly, but a girl's gotta have her hobbies) and I saw that there is a new laminated sign up on the wall. So immediately, you know that it is important because it is laminated...
Anyway it was an Employment Services Code of Conduct. I've never seen it in there before. It could be that because I usually sit at another computer that I don't see it or more likely due to the fact that I'm a little self-involved when I go there. I'm there to print, not to read the sign on the wall. Unless I'm taking photos to then mock on facebook.
So back to this guarantee. Most of it was pointless. But then I got to the part of what they do for their jobseekers and I just have to hope that this is a new thing, that it isn't something that has always been around. Because otherwise I will be really fricken annoyed.

~ Meet service guarantee - well as I never got shown or told about a service guarantee, it is possible that they did do this, but more likely that they did not.
~ Tailoring assistance to the job seekers personal circumstances, skills, abilities and aspirations - Yeah they totally didn't do this. I gave them the parameters of work that I could and would be able to do and it was never offered to me. Because I have bigger aspirations than check out chick or takeaway food girl it isn't easy for them
~ Using government funding appropriately to support jobseekers - I didn't feel that they met this objective as well as they could have. They paid for courses that they felt were relevant, but when I asked for them to pay for me to access an art based job search engine, I was denied this support, even though it is the sector which most of my skills are based.
~ Treating job seekers fairly and with respect - This NEVER happened. Because I wasn't an easy 'shove them into a job and that's the end of it' person, because I demanded that they find work for me where my skills would be an asset, skills that they had previously belittled, I was treated like I was some kind of freak.
~ Providing fair and accessible feedback service - Again, this NEVER happened. I struggled with this because these people were supposed to help me. When one of my many case workers told me that all the skills I got through work for the dole programs were not good enough, I was not allowed to point out that I had gotten those skills while participating in an approved program.

I don't know, I could be just random rambling here.

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