Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Print Ninja

I'm a print ninja. That was my first status yesterday on both facebook and twitter this morning while I was at my ex-job network.
Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating.
And I'm also probably not supposed to be even considering using their printer anymore, but the way I've got it figured, they owe me that and a hell of a lot more.
See, a few years back I heard a rumour that job networks get paid $5000 when they first take on a client and get another $5000 when the client is put into full time work for longer than six months. That applies to job seekers who find work without any 'help' from job networks.
And here I was thinking that I wasn't worth a dollar amount...
I'm now wondering if they get paid this money now that I'm off the dole and technically self-employed. I'm supposed to be on their post-placement-support program for the next 23 weeks you see which is the same program that employed people fall under.
If they get that money and I hear about it I'm gonna be pissed. At least 70% of that money should be mine.
I decided without their help to apply for NEIS. I decided that my business would be based on the skills I already have (the same skills that they scorned). I filled in the application forms without their help.
Now, they get the kudos and the money?
I'm bitter, yeah. But seriously, how do they justify all that money?
Guess they're okay with being paid for doing next to nothing. I wonder how it is to be that arrogant?
That's why I don't feel bad about ripping them off when it comes to paper and ink.

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