Monday, June 6, 2011

No more bitch work

I don't put my hand up to be someone else's bitch, to do the work that they are chosen to do. Especially when they think that they are doing me a favour by asking me to do so.
I do not have a "why yes, I am your bitch" button pinned to my top, but there are those who seem to think I do.
No one puts value on my skills unless they want to make use of them, but then they balk at the cost. And yes, now there is a cost to pay for my skills.
They assume that I have the time to do what they ask because I don't work for someone else. They don't see the time I put into every single project that I take on. They don't know how difficult it is to delete a file that is going nowhere, or even harder to still to recognise it without getting all "but this is the best story ever".
I don't like using sob stories to get what I want. I think it's kind of tacky. I mean, I had a bad year last year, tons to deal with and I still did everything that I was expected to do and then some without the aid of a bitch to do some of it for me.
I guess not everyone is as capable as I am.
The totally screwed thing is that I'm the one with low self-worth.
Strange, isn't it?

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