Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pretty Flowers

So I gave myself flowers yesterday. It’s the first time I’ve picked flowers from my front garden, for any reason. I just wanted to do something for myself. I never get flowers unless something bad is going on. The last guy to give me flowers was my D & D partner back on res in third year. The last time I brought flowers was probably xmas because I needed some to put on my grandparents’ grave when I visited it on Xmas day.
They’re not exactly special flowers or anything. Just some prettiness to make my kitchen seem nicer. Of course, some of the sprigs are already dying out, but I figure that the trees loaded. No one’s going to miss if I pick the occasional flower. Besides, seeing as they’re jacking up my rent, I think I deserve some prettiness. My only regret is that the daffodils and jonquils aren’t in flower anymore because they’re also really sweet. Of course, someone might notice that they’re missing cos there isn’t quite as many of them as there are of the other ones. I even took a photo.

I’ve been taking a lot of photos lately. Of nothing too particular, just things that I’ve noticed, like the way that the sun is setting over Wendouree the other week, a red spider that appeared in my bathroom (that photo did not turn out too well – its really blurry and you can’t make out the colours) and the flowers. Let me state for the record that the spider was dead at the time of the photo being taken. As soon as I saw it I grabbed the spray and one squirt and it died.
I’ve written a few stories along the way, though the original plan for one ended up being tossed aside and I just ended up writing whatever I wanted to.

At the moment I’m reading House of Gaian by Anne Bishop (one of my fave authors).

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