Friday, November 26, 2010

Pensive Face

“You’ve got pensive face”
Okay, so now I’m quoting an episode of Angel (season one, episode 6, from memory).
Like Angel, I’ve always got pensive face, because I’m always thinking about things that I need to do, and things that I could be doing and things I should be doing. It’s somtimes very noisy in my head. My thoughts are running at around the same speed that I read or speak. My dad has a theory that because I read fast, I tend to process information at fast rate, which sometimes doesn’t communicate itself well when I need to speak.
I was all set to get my ABN this morning while I was at the library when I looked at what I needed. Yeah, oops, I didn’t know I needed my bank details straight away. I used to have them in my phone, but I deleted them when I considered what would happen if I lost my phone. I have my tax file number in there, which I need to do all that ABN stuff. So that has become a “tomorrow” project, just as printing off the next part of Dark Destinies has become.
Yep, I’ve found my way back to Parrinlock and the world of Matilda Baxter and all her little co-horts that bring her back from the dead. All my characters have been through a sort of metamorphosis recently, taking on names that better reflect the worlds that they come from. For example, Matilda’s accuser was once called Amanda Forsythe. Not very 1900s-ish, so I rechristened her something a bit more suited to that era.
There’s still a lot of gaps to clean up at the moment. Major story gaps where I need more, both as the author and the writer. It means that I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. Currently, I’m working on both the soft copy of part two (set in recent times) to bulk that up a little before I start to print it (and therefore cannot work on it) while working on the hard copy of part one that I’ve started printing. My job network is going to LOVE me when they realise how much ink I’ve used – I supply my own scrap paper to print on so they’re not actually out any paper.
I should get back to it.

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