Friday, October 15, 2010

Writing Werewolves, Vampires and necromancers... Oh my

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Not a surprise there, seeing as I’m writing again. Actual writing, and not editing and re-writing something. This is something new. Well, kind of. That’s another part of the story.
Anyway, when I was home last visiting the family, I got into a discussion about what is selling, book wise at the moment. I said that if I really wanted to be published, all I had to do was write a crappy teen love story, throw in a couple of vampires and werewolves and soon I would be rolling in cash. I was asked why I don’t do that, to which I responded that it would be a bit like selling out. Not to mention that since I’m a massive Buffy fan, my stories would probably run a little too close to that style of vampires, complete with dusty ending. It makes me giggle when I see books that I read as a teen being re-released as special omnibus editions, aimed at getting a new audience from the twilight wannabes.
Though I did read a good vampire book recently, Let the right One In. It’s the one that Let Me In is based on. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I’m sort of interested in seeing it now, just to see how close to the original book it is. It wasn’t all sugary sweet like the Twilight books are, which to my mind, is a good thing. Edward and the rest of his pale bunch are a little too good for me.
So anyway, I have been writing again. My central character is Amber and she’s a necromancer. She’s one of those tough, supernatural characters that I seem to be writing more of lately. I have concerns about it being a little too Buffy or Hollows, but if I am aware of it, I will be able to present it differently.
I realised I needed another necromancer after, while writing the exorcist story I worked on at the start of this year, I killed off the last one because I didn’t like her. She annoyed me. So, she had to go, but I promised myself that I’d find a way to re-create the character again. That means that most likely Candy (the exorcist) and M’Alice (death) will make a cameo appearance in this story. It also means that I get to think like my character will, finding dialogue for her and working all the nuances about mystical human reanimation out. That’s the hardest thing, because its only going to be a short story, so I have to work out a way to present that information (if its important enough) and keep the reader interested.
See, I have this theory that I’m working into the story. If a person dies, but their soul hasn’t been taken through the veil yet, when they are reanimated, they are just as they were when they died. However, if the soul is no longer in the body, then that’s when you get your zombie.
Anyway, so far the story is about Amber taking part in an interrogation of a prisoner who dies during questioning. She reanimates him to get the information, all the time dealing with a co-worker who really hates supernatural people.
I should get back to it, I guess

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