Monday, October 25, 2010

"Tired, Sleepy, Bye"

“Tired, Sleepy, Bye”
It’s a Buffy quote, but its one that I feel accurately describes the mood I’ve been in lately. There’s still some post-flu fizziness going on. I’m still not sure that going back to the gym to use up the rest of my free passes is a great idea, because, knowing my luck, I’d probably cough and splutter all over the equipment (if I don’t fall off of it first). Most of the time, I’m just so tired that I usually crash before five o clock and its rare that I get anything of substance completed.
Because of the way my head’s been off in never never land, I’ve not written as much as I’d like to either. I’ve only just completed “Rise and Fall” (the necromancer story) in the format for midnight echo, so now I just have to look and make sure that they’re accepting submissions still. Then I can start working on another piece.
I’ve also written a piece for Hit and Miss (it’s a derby magazine) about my time so far with derby. I only have one or two photos of my own that I can use. They print pretty much anything, so who knows. I wrote it ages ago so there was some work to make sure it was still okay.
I just realised that I wrote fizziness instead of fuzziness, but that’s actually a pretty good description of how I feel, plus the whole high bounce rubber ball feeling of ups and downs that come with the medication and inevitable sugar highs that help me feel a little more human.
I was at angus and Robertson today and saw a book that’s written under the pseudonym of Virginia Andrews. It was a vampire book. It made me realise that there is no one that won’t not write a vampire book if it sells in today’s market.
(I know, I’m quoting a vampire tv show, but to be fair, it was cooler than twilight will ever be).
Almost medication time. Happy again.

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