Wednesday, October 13, 2010

random rambling update

I don’t know where my head’s been at lately. Just when I think I have it all sorted out, I either get distracted or something happens to throw me off course completely.
To begin...
The job situation has not changed. I still don’t have one and I’m still scrounging by, making do with mediocre meals and walking as much as possible to reduce how much petrol I use. I’m still waiting to hear about any of those jobs in Melbourne. It’s not like they couldn’t send me a courtesy email to let me know the state of things. I’ve covered my job searching “requirements” for this fortnight, so now, if I look for any work, it’s my choice and I don’t need to do it to make a form look good.
Ferris Wheel is coming along, I mean, the manuscript is finished, though last week, I did realise that perhaps Sasha is a little too passive and I was concerned about it, so I’m now working on bringing in slight changes to make her more assertive. I want her to be a strong character, despite the memory loss and everything that she’s going through.
While I’m working on that though, I really do need to get my thumb out of my ass and start editing some of the pieces that are on my computer, see if I can have them published somewhere.
I’m doing the whole premier 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days. The gym pass is helping, though I usually average about 30 minutes as a minimum at home anyway. Now I hurt all over. While I do like/ loathe the cross trainer, I think, perhaps, it’s not the best piece of equipment when one has two slightly dodgy knees. It’s ok, I’ll still go and I’ll still use it. Who knows, it might whittle away the fat.
I read an interesting book last night called soulless, which is a steampunk, urban fantasy novel set in England at the turn of the century at least. It was a little confusing at times, with the author’s need to refer to the character as both their first name as well as “Miss...”. Anyway, it was still a good read.

To end...
Currently I’m reading: Fistful of Charms (Kim Harrison) and Let the Right One in (John Aivide Lindqvist). The first I’ve read a couple of times. The second one’s the novel that a movie called Let me In was based on.
I’m listening to: Celebrity Skin by Hole, soon to be followed up by Songbird by Bernard Fanning

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