Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Easter Comes But Once A Year (but the chocolate stays on the hips much longer)

It's only a few weeks till Easter. Or Eostre. Or Zombie-Jesus Day. Or just simply Chocolate-Related-Holiday-That-Causes-Shops-To-Close-For-Fear-Of-Religious-Attacks.

Seriously, it's freaky. Shopping centre car parks become a ghost town where few cars fear to roll their tyres. If any store is open, they are met with derisive looks of "I can't believe you're open on this weekend" from passers-by.
As you might have been able to tell by previous posts, I'm not religious in any real way. I've dipped my toes in different religions and not found the answers that I'm looking for.
But I do love chocolate, as well as the highly discounted easter eggs that appear on shelves after it's all over. And really, isn't that what they've made it all about?
If you're Catholic it's the time when Jesus rose from the dead (hence why some people call it Zombie-Jesus Day).
If you're Pagan, it's Eostre, where we celebrate fertility (which might be where the origin of the 'Easter Bunny' came into being...hmmm).
If you're on facebook, you see multiple posts about zombies and chocolate
Anf if you're a kid, or a kid at heart, you just want those expensive foil wrapped, chocolatey treats that stores with their crass commercialism tell us are the way to show love.
I've witnessed a shift in the last couple of years. People are slowly pulling away from the pressure of the religious few to open their stores on these, their most holy of days, because if they do not follow that religious dogma, why should the closing hours apply to them?
After all, if they're open, they can sell more stuff.

However you celebrate it, Happy Holidays to all! Stay safe on the roads if you go away for the long weekend.

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