Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Alien Interaction

Are there really little green men out there? If they are out there, does this make us the science project for alien students, to be studied, poked and prodded? (Of course, in this instance, it would make those that study us possibly slightly less intelligent than those they answer to)
When it comes right down to it, we cannot be the only beings in this universe or any other that is somewhat capable of "intelligent" thought processes.
Deep down, I believe that we possibly want there to be aliens, because it means that, once we destroy our own planet (come on, let's be realistic, it's coming), there might be salvation on another one somewhere.
- Meanwhile, an alien race out there is probably thinking the same thing... -
There are common elements to every alien abduction story, whether it's due to constant re-telling that implants itself into peoples' minds or truth, is simply too far out of our reach to know. If aliens are abducting people, are they purposefully choosing people with a predisposition for paranoia, or is that simply a by-product of alien interaction along with the ability to maintain cohesive memories and partial repression of being probed by inquisitive alien minds.
Growing up in the 80s, I was inundated with the friendly alien types like ALF or E.T, who just wanted peaceful things (or in Alf's case, pieces of cat). There might have been aliens out there, just looking for friendly safe harbour before they can return home.
Of course aliens could also be like those that featured in the movie Mars Attacks... Those guys were not looking for peace of any kind and were definitely more intelligent than those they came up against.

For any type of argument against their existence, I simply ask this.
Why not? Why can't they exist?

This post is dedicated to my late grandfather, Robert Charles Kent, who passes away 10 years ago. I truly believe that interest in sci-fi can be passed along the bloodlines.

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