Thursday, August 16, 2012

The We: A Conspiracy

From the day that the Rise Up Program was created, nothing was ever the same again. Feeling a need to combat the rising unemployment rates, the Australian Government asked for tenders depicting programs that would create employment opportunities for the thousands across the country. From out of the murky shadows stepped United Front, a training facility. The whereabouts of its corporate headquarters remains unclear, as do the identities of its administrators. United Front Presented the Australian Government with a program that not only provided unemployed people with work skills based training opportunities, but also a rehabilitation and mental health facility to combat the other issues that plague jobseekers. This program was to be a not-for-profit run piece-of-good that United Front were prepared to administer. This program was Rise Up. Initial running costs for Rise Up were high. The reason for this was a one-of set up cost. There is nothing untrue about this statement. To engineer equipment to make such radical changes, the cost would have been quite high. High costs were paid by all, but perhaps none more so than the individual participants themselves. In their truly unfortunate existence, these people refer to themselves as 'we'. They have lost all personal identifiers of their former lives. Their time is spent in the endless pursuit of long term employment. This journey can last anywhere between three and six months, depending on the individual needs. If required, a participant is enrolled in a unit of study. Scholarly types may excel in such an environment, but many of the 'We' feel pressure to pass a course that they have no interest in. Their futures are pre-determined for them, filling industry gaps without care for individual wants or needs. At the time of publishing, it has been suggested that for those who defy orders, reasonable or not, plans for enforced conscription in the armed forces are already in place. The rumours of behavior modification have never been fully proved by this media outlet or any other despite effective searches. For every element of truth that we uncover, several lies surround it, thus making the truth all that more surprising and ridiculous. The truth of the We has been difficult to find. That alone leads questioning minds to wonder why

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