Monday, May 7, 2012

Fashionable to be unfashionable

Is fashion important? I’m the first to admit that I have no ‘fashion’ sense. I wear clothes that are comfortable and in colder weather I add layers, irrespective of colour clashes and flaws. I used to read Cosmopolitan and Cleo, before they got too expensive. I would look at the women splashed across their glossy pages and think ‘If I had the money” or “If I had the figure” type thoughts. I rarely read these types of magazines now, and if I do, I read them at the library. They put an unnatural focus on fashion, making us believe that it is the be all and end all of everything. What is ‘in fashion’ today will be sneered at in a few months. Even the 8Os style came back in for a while, people forgetting the fashion-mistakes of those eras to all dress alike. Fashion isn’t important. Let’s face it. Reality is that if you have the compulsive urge to buy the latest fashions to feel good about yourself, you’ve probably got deeper issues that a psychologist will happily help you with. My own taste, if I could ever afford it, would trend towards the rockabilly/ burlesque style, because that is what I’m drawn to. Instead, I sit at my computer, wearing [outside of underwear type things] long over the knee socks with skulls printed on them, leggings under track pants, a sleeveless top, a long sleeved top that’s dark green and a bright pink wool jumper over the top of it. I’ll hardly make the cover of the next fashion magazine, but I’d rather be comfortable and cozy than cold but fashionable.

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