Friday, September 10, 2010

Not everyone worships the AFL

I went back to my home town just last weekend and was asked more than one time "what team do you follow" (referring to AFL). My response? I don't follow football, I follow roller derby... It was met with strange looks, not just because a lot of people have a hard time believing that I am involved with roller derby.
Its not like I have anything against football, apart from the fact that I do find it completely and utterly boring. If it's on tv and I'm at home, I watch a dvd. If I'm at my dad's and it's on, I read a book with my ipod headphones in one ear so that I can still hear him when he speaks to me.
In a way I do get the hero worship, I mean, it's in roller derby too, but what I don't get is that I'm thought of as strange because I choose not to worship this apparently great sport. On grand final day I won't care who wins or loses, it won't make my day any better or worse. But I'd rather be at a roller derby bout or fundraiser than watching football.

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